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In the first installment of the eyeshadow tutorial for asian eyes series we take a look at where to place eye makeup on the asian eye when i first started out i had no idea where or how to place eyeshadow my eye makeup efforts were previously limited to eyeliner and mascara and sometimes just a light dab of one eyeshadow color.

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ohaguro お歯黒 is a custom of dyeing ones teeth black it was most popular in japan until the meiji eratooth painting is also known and practiced in the southeastern parts of china pacific islands and southeast asiadyeing is mainly done by married women though occasionally men do it as well.

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As you must have read in my last post about crease and contour eyeshadow differences between asians and caucasians typical eye type charts and tutorials that conveniently lump all types of asian eyes into one simply do not workthere are specific makeup techniques for asians i will share in this post how to apply makeup on the different types of asian eyes.

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This weeks tldr is an epic topic what is the standard for beauty in korea and how does it differ from north america and vice versa wow thats a doosie of a questionit feels like we should submit this blog for grading once were finished with it if we stay up all night and hand it in on time.

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A list of my favorite 5 asian dramas of late 2016 and 2017 two korean dramas and three chinese historical dramas plus one ongoing chinese dramas.

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